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Master of Arts (MA)-Geography

Advanced Geomorphology (Theory – Mandatory)
Natural Resource Management (Theory – Mandatory)
History of Geographical Thought (Theory – Mandatory)
Advanced Geography of India (Physical & Regional) (Theory – Mandatory)
Statistical Techniques & Cartography (Theory – Mandatory)

Recent Issue in Geography (Theory – Mandatory)
Interdisciplinary Research & Method Techniques (Theory – Mandatory)
Advanced Geography of Uttar Pradesh (Theory – Mandatory)
Ecology & Environment (Theory – Mandatory)
Advanced Surveying,Remote Sensing & GIS (Theory – Mandatory)

Climatology and Oceanography (Theory – Mandatory)
Laws,Models & Theories in Geography (Theory – Mandatory)
Advanced Geography of India (Socio-economic) (Theory – Mandatory)
Regional Planning & Development (Theory – Mandatory)
Advanced Cartography (Theory – Mandatory)

Population of Geography (Theory – Mandatory)
Geography of Rural Settlements (Theory – Mandatory)
Urban Geography (Theory – Mandatory)
Agricultural Geography (Theory – Mandatory)