Founder Sh. Vishnu Dutt Tyagi (Freedom Fighter)
Veetrag Swami Kalyan Dev P.G. College Barla, Muzaffarnagar
Affiliated to Maa Shakumbhari University, Saharanpur

Sh. Vishnu Dutt Tyagi – Freedom Fighter (Founder)

The name of Shri Vishnu Dutt Ji is counts among the freedom fighter of Distt Muzaffarnagar . The Lion of Village Kutubpur Shri Vishnu Dutt Ji was born on 20th April 1920. His father Shri Nihal Chand Ji was well known landlord of this area. Shiksha rishi Kalyan Dev Ji used to come near Nihal Chand Ji at Kutubpur Village Shri Vishnu Dutt Ji was greatly inspired by the personality of Swami Kalyan Dev Ji . He was imprisoned during the participation of India Quite Movement . After it he revived “Tyagi Vidhya Sabha“ and he established Veetrag Swami Kalyan Dev Degree College at village Barla on 16th August 1996. Our freedom fighter Shi Vishnu Dutt Ji passes away on 2nd Feb 2003. His life always inspires us to develop education and social harmony in the society.